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    Dr. Market Edge Answers Your Questions


  • The recent rise of the market is pushing stocks very close to their 52-week high in my watch and buy lists. The majority are 3% below their 52-week high and no stocks more than 15% below their 52 week high. How can I use Market Edge to find value stocks in this highly valued market?

  • 02/21/2014

  • I have a question regarding stocks with Upgraded Opinions to "Long" and "Early Entry Longs". More often than not the opinion says that they are overbought and to wait for a pullback before buying. It seems to me that the increase in price and volume is the catalyst for the upgrade.

    1. Is the Second Opinion performance on the Home Page from a pulled back entry price or is it based on the price when the stock is upgraded to Long whether it is overbought or not?

    2. Is it really necessary to wait for a pull back? I have been examining the charts of a lot of stocks that have a Long Opinion relative to when the opinion was formed. It is clear that many of these stocks were overbought when the opinion was formed but did not have a meaningful pullback for some time after the upgrade.

  • Can I add different indicators to the various report formats?

  • 02/14/2014

  • Does Market Edge have Second Opinions for the major indexes such as the DJIA, S&P 500 and NASDAQ?

  • Can I follow foreign stocks on Market Edge?

  • 02/07/2014

  • Do you have mutual fund reports on your site?

  • If a stock's opinion was upgraded to Long a month ago, is it too late to buy it?

  • 01/31/2014

  • What is margin debt and what implications does it have for the market?

  • Can I get help on weekends or do I have to wait until the week starts?

  • 01/24/2014

  • I like to buy stocks and sell calls one to three months out to create income. What does the Doc suggest I do to accomplish this goal?

  • Can I get analyst upgrades and downgrades on your website?

  • 01/17/2014

  • Is there a place on the website where I can find moving average crosses? I like the 'golden cross' and the 'death cross'.

  • Does Market Edge offer any predefined filters that I can use to screen for certain stocks?

  • 01/10/2014

  • What are ETFs?

  • Is there a way to screen for stocks whose technical condition is improving?

  • 01/03/2014

  • How can I retrieve the nightly 'Trading Alerts" on the Market Edge web site if my email is down?

  • Does Market Edge track NYSE Margin Debt?

  • 12/27/2013

  • After I create a new Report Output under the Help/Contact Us Tab, how do I see the report for various stocks?

  • Is there a technical indicator on the Second Opinion report which tracks volume patterns to determine when the ratio of buyers and sellers changes for a stock?

  • 12/20/2013

  • How can the Star rating for RY change from +3 to +4 while the Second Opinion report has an Avoid opinion.?

  • I'm new to Market Edge. How can I get a better handle on how to use Market Edge and where can I learn about the various indicators on the Second Opinion report?

  • 12/06/2013

  • What do the abbreviations, BR and BL, located next to the indicators on the Second Opinion report mean?

  • Can I change the parameters for the various technical indicators located in Smart Charts?

  • 11/29/2013

  • What is the difference between MACD-ST and MACD-LT?

  • What is the typical length of time that a Long opinion remains in effect?

  • 11/22/2013

  • Why can't I add certain stocks to a list in Stock Watch?

  • Does market Edge have Candlestick charting capabilities?

  • 11/15/2013

  • How can I find stocks that have a Long opinion and are oversold, not overbought which is sometimes the case when a stock is upgraded to Long?

  • How can I find stocks that have a Point & Figure chart breakout and are near a 52-week high?

  • 11/08/2013

  • Under the Advanced Tools tab what is P&F Early Alerts and what do the column headers mean?

  • I have noticed that on several occasions in the 'Dr. Market Edge Talk Stocks' area, the good Doctor always mentions whenever a stock has either an Up or Down Price Gap. Is there a way to identify stocks in the Market Edge universe that have this characteristic?

  • 11/01/2013

  • How do I determine what the price target is for stocks that have a Long opinion.? How do I determine what the price target is for stocks that have a Long opinion.? How do I determine what the price target is for stocks that have a Long opinion.?

  • Is there a way to be alerted to new "Best Longs" under "Trading Ideas?"

  • 10/18/2013

  • What is the Market Edge 'List Status' feature?

  • How can I find out how many stocks have a Long Opinion?

  • 10/11/2013

  • What is 50-Day R.S?

  • How do I run a search for "strong buy" stocks with a "strong uptrend"?

  • 10/04/2013

  • Is there a way to generate a list of all of the stocks that Market Edge follows and sort them by the Recommendation, C-Rate, etc.?

  • How does a stock get listed in the 'Money Runner' module?

  • 09/20/2013

  • What is a Point & Figure Chart 'Early Alert"?

  • What is the significance of a Point & Figure Chart Double Top breakout?

  • 09/13/2013

  • What indicator generates the 'Chart pattern indicates a possible Trend Reversal' comment?

  • I have noticed that on several occasions in the Doc Talk Stocks area, a bullish mention is made whenever the UP/Down Volume Ratio Slope is trending higher while price is flat. Is there a way to identify stocks in the Market Edge universe that have this characteristic?

  • 09/06/2013

  • Can I change the Smart Chart background?

  • Does the Market Edge website only use technical analysis?

  • 08/30/2013

  • Where can I get an explanation of the Smart Chart features?

  • Is there a place on the Market Edge web site where I can get the nightly e-mail alerts?

  • 08/23/2013

  • Can I get an e-mail alert when the Market Edge Opinion changes for the stocks that I have in a Stock Watch list?

  • Yes. Market Edge will send you an e-mail whenever there is an opinion change for any of the stocks that you have in a list in Stock Watch. You also receive a list of any technical events for all of the stocks the Market Edge universe plus the 'Market Letter' and 'On The Edge'. To receive the alerts, click on Help/Contact Us located on the tool bar in the upper right hand corner. Then click on Account Information and check Stock Portfolio Alerts and Market Letter/On The Edge. Lastly, click on Change Emails.

  • 08/16/2013

  • The 'Dr. Market Edge Talks Stocks' selections usually contain a chart of the featured stock with three technical indicators plotted at the bottom. What determines which indicators are selected since they seem to vary from stock to stock.

  • What time is Market Edge updated?

  • 08/09/2013

  • Is placing a 5%-10% stop-loss order a good idea?

  • How do I make a list of stocks in Stock Watch?

  • 08/02/2013

  • I notice that on your Early Entry buy candidates you indicate a buy stop but no sell stop. If I decide to buy when the price rises above the suggested entry price, I find that you still maintain the buy stop but no sell stop. Out of curiosity, other than setting my own stop is there a way to remedy this?

  • What is meant by the market's 'breadth' and why is it important?

  • 07/26/2013

  • How are the Strength Indexes calculated?

  • What is the significance of a Price Up or Price Down Gap?

  • 07/19/2013

  • What are the requirements for Market Edge to add a stock to its data base?

  • What is the best way to get familiar with Market Edge?

  • 07/12/2013

  • How do I change my Market Edge Password?

  • How can I find short term trading ideas when using Market Edge?

  • 07/05/2013

  • How do you add technical indicators to the bottom of a chart in the Smart Chart module?

  • What is the Score and how should it be used?

  • 06/28/2013

  • What is a 'Selling Climax'?

  • Does Market Edge have Candlestick charting capabilities?

  • 06/21/2013

  • What is a 'Blow Off Top'?

  • Which is a more powerful indicator, the Up/Down Volume Ratio or the Up/Down Slope?

  • 06/14/2013

  • Can Stock Watch help me know when it is time to sell a stock?

  • What is the best way to use Stock Watch to find buy candidates?

  • 06/07/2013

  • How can I screen for stocks that have a S&P Star Ranking of 5 and either a Long Opinion or an upgrade from Avoid to neutral?

  • Is there a way to import stocks into Stock Watch that are between $10 and $20 and trade on average over 100,000 shares per day?

  • 05/31/2013

  • On a Point & Figure chart, why are there letters and numbers in the place of X's and O's?

  • How do you draw trend lines like the ones that are on the charts which are included in the 'Dr. Market Edge Talks Stocks' reports?

  • 05/24/2013

  • What are the S&P Star Rankings?

  • How can one access the S&P Star Rankings?

  • 05/17/2013

  • I was reading the write up for MGM Mirage in the 'Dr. Market Edge Talks Stocks' section. There was a mention of a bullish technical event where by a stock's price was up more than 5% with volume up more than 200%. Is there an area in Market Edge where you can find a list of stocks that have this condition?

  • How do I save a customized layout in Smart Chart?

  • 05/10/2013

  • Does Market Edge have Point & Figure charting capabilities?

  • What is the best way to select Early Entry Longs?

  • 04/26/2013

  • What is the Second Opinion Performance link?

  • Where can I find definitions for the indicators and studies on the Second Opinion report?

  • 04/19/2013

  • When the Market Edge comment says that "The stock is overbought, wait for a pull-back" what is a good rule of thumb as to when to get in?

  • Why do certain stocks with an Avoid Opinion and a Score of 0 have a comment that says "Stock is not a short-sale candidate"?

  • 04/12/2013

  • What is the significance of the C-Rate?

  • How do I generate a list of stocks whose technical condition is either "Improving" or "Deteriorating" and include their Scores on the report?

  • What is the OBOS indicator that is located on the Second Opinion report?

  • 04/05/2013

  • How is the Sell Stop price determined?

  • Can I access the Help section from anywhere on the Market Edge web site?

  • What causes the Opinion to be either upgraded or downgraded?

  • 03/28/2013

  • How can I tell that a stock is moved off the Money Runner 'Current Buy/Short List' to the 'Stocks Removed List'? Will an email alert go out, provided the stock is in one of my Stock Watch portfolio lists?

  • How do I locate stocks that are regarded as a Best Long or Strong Buy?

  • Does Market Edge have historical data for the various technical indicators and studies.

  • 03/22/2013

  • I am a beginner and want to short stocks. You have many areas where I can find short sale candidates. Where do you think would be a good place for me to start?

  • I have a question about the Trading Desk. If I miss opening a position at or close to the Entry Price, is the trade still valid? Also, these Long/Short candidates don't have suggested Stops. Why? How would I determine an appropriate Stop on my own?

  • What does it mean when I see a stock with a Long Opinion and I like all the data on the stock but it has a zero C-Rating? Why is there no Confidence Rating for a stock when all the indicators are positive. An example is CCIX which was upgraded to Long on 03/13/13 at $12.91.

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